Learning to Encourage Your Independent Child More

Ivy Prep Team on November 5, 2018

Has your little one started asking you if he can pick out his own outfit? Has your child asked you if she can prepare her own snack? You’ve probably felt a little nervous about allowing your kids to complete tasks like this. Even in infancy, children take on the responsibility of learning how to do things for themselves. They learn that crying is a way to get your attention. They learn to hold their bottles and feed themselves. Babies learn to sit up and even stand. They start to crawl and walk without being taught to do so. So, in a way, kids are born with an innate sense of independence. They’ve gained many of the skills they have all on their own. So, it should come as no surprise when your already independent child begins to ask to do certain tasks on his or her own.

But, as this begins to happen more often, many parents are unsure of how to make sure their kids learn to do some things on their own. It’s not easy to let go of the reins every once in a while and let the little ones handle things. Sometimes, it can be downright scary and unsettling. How do you let your little one become more of an independent child while still remaining a loving guide? We’ve got a few tips that will help you to nurture and help your child as he or she becomes more and more dependent. You can help encourage your independent child and help to provide a learning atmosphere in the home. Let’s talk about how you can do that!

About Your Independent Child

 Learning to Encourage Your Independent Child MoreIndependence is a great thing! And it’s certainly a great quality for your little ones to develop. Having an independent child means having a little one who is excited to learn, curious about the world, and anxious to develop new skills. All of these qualities are definitely good signs! And, if your child is becoming more excited about doing things on his or her own, it’s an indication that your little one is developing a sense of self-confidence. But, with comments that remind the child of his size or her age, it can become hard for kids to feel like they can accomplish the tasks they’re asking to complete.

Basically, if you tell your little one that she is “too little”, she may not be willing to try to do other things on her own. Instead of becoming more of an independent child, she may not develop the skills and abilities that she might have otherwise developed. So, it’s important to encourage and nurture your child’s independence in a healthy way.

What You Can Do to Help

Here are a few things you can do:

  • Make the tasks “do-able” for your child. For example, if he wants to pick out his clothes, give him some options to choose from so that he doesn’t feel overwhelmed by the full closet.
  • Let your child do the things she knows how to do. If your daughter knows how to pick up her toys, ask her to do that task rather than doing it yourself.
  • Praise and encourage your child for completing a task. Even if he spills the juice a little as he pours or she buttons her coat incorrectly, your praise can help to encourage your child more than you know!

Enrolling your little ones in a child care program can also help to inspire independence as children are able to spend more time learning with their peers. Why not give Ivy prep Early Learning Academy the chance to help? Just contact us today to find out more!


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