What are Some of the Emotional Needs of a Child?

Ivy Prep Team on October 11, 2018

Children have many of the same needs. They share many common and basic needs, such and food and shelter. But those are physical needs. And they are needs that can be met with physical things. However, the things we can see and touch aren’t the only things kids need. Children also have to have things that can’t be seen. They have emotional needs, too. And the emotional needs of a child are just as important as the physical requirements. It’s important to learn more about the emotional needs of a child so that you, as a parent, can work to make sure those needs are met. What exactly are those needs? Let’s find out!

The Emotional Needs of a Child

We often spend a lot of time focusing on our physical health. Parents also tend to concentrate on making sure their kids are physically well. They take their little ones to the doctor to make sure everything is okay. They make sure their little ones are eating well and getting enough exercise. Of course, all of these things are necessary and extremely important. But, it’s also very important to make sure that your kids are in good emotional health, too!

Our emotional and mental states are often what produces our physical state. In other words, if things are all good on the inside, things will likely be good on the outside! A child who feels emotionally well and stable may be more apt to behave well or treat him or herself well. The emotional needs of a child are important because, when those needs are met, children can experience a positive and healthy growth.

Discussing Your Child’s Emotional Needs

If you’re a little unsure about your child’s needs, don’t worry or feel bad! Learning about the emotional needs of a child can give help you to make sure your child is well taken care of! Let’s discuss some of those emotional needs and how you can meet them.

What are Some of the Emotional Needs of a Child?Love: It may seem obvious, but love is definitely one of the emotional needs of a child. Kids need to feel loved, no matter what. Parents and educators can work to make sure the kids in their care know that they will be loved even if they make a mistake. Also, you can work on telling your little ones just how much they mean to you frequently!

Attention: Children need to be noticed. They need to know that the individuals in their lives are paying attention to them. And they need to feel included. Parents and teachers can meet this emotional need by making sure kids feel heard and noticed. Listen to them and make eye contact. Ask questions and let them know you’re paying attention. Engage in conversation with them and you can also get involved in their playing!

Routine/Structure: Kids need to be in environments where there is stability and they can establish a routine. They need to feel like their lives have structure rather than be involved in a chaotic or unorganized lifestyle. Help meet this need by giving them established house rules, bedtimes, and keeping a family calendar.

Liberty/Freedom: Little ones need to be able to make choices for themselves. This helps them to feel more independent and free to be themselves. You can let them solve problems or conflicts. Allow them to pick out an outfit for school or a playdate. Let them choose a healthy snack to hold them over until dinner time.

Ivy Prep and Your Child’s Emotional Needs

Here at Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy, we want to make sure all of your child’s physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs are met. Allow us to help you in these areas! Contact us today to find out how we can assist!


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