Effective Teaching Strategies to Use at Home With Small Children

Ivy Prep Team on August 28, 2019

Parents can do a lot to help their children learn in their early years. While early education is a great opportunity to get your child excited and prepared about their future in academics, home life is important for learning too. Children look to parents to learn how to say their first words, how to treat others, and how to practice decent social skills. So, it’s helpful for parents to understand a bit about incorporating learning strategies at home. In this article, we discuss a few effective teaching strategies parents can use with their children right from their home. This way, they can even better prepare their children for successful learning in the classroom.

Teaching Children to be Accountable for Their Words and Actions

Effective Teaching Strategies to Use at Home With Small ChildrenA great lesson to start incorporating in children is how they are responsible for their own actions. This includes not only what they say to others, but what they do in the classroom. This can include admitting to making a mess and cleaning it up themselves, apologizing when they’ve hurt someone’s feelings, and even being on time with chores. When children understand that they’re responsible for their own words and actions, they make better choices. This is because they know there is a reaction to every action. And, believe that they will have to deal with the consequences of negative behavior. Thus, teaching them to be more responsible and preparing for taking ownership of their words and actions during their academic career.

Teaching Children to Take Ownership of Their Words, Actions, and Learning

Along with being responsible enough to be accountable for what you say and what you do, taking ownership of what you say and do is important too. Ownership means doing what you say so that people can manage healthy relationships with you. And, taking pride in what you’ve created. In a school setting, children will need to take pride in their work. Otherwise, they won’t remain very motivated to continue on with school. And, they may not learn what they need to keep up. Furthermore, taking ownership of your words means doing what you say. In the classroom, this is incredibly important as children will have to commit to learning. At home, when parents prepare their children to take accountability for their promises, they can better prepare to do so in school as well. And, will feel more comfortable taking ownership of not only their work but their commitments to others as well.

Encouraging Children to Work Well With Others

In an early education setting or even the classroom, children will need to be able to work with others. Not only with their teachers but also with children their own age. To incorporate working together at home to teach your child this skill, prepare some activities that include the whole family. Or, some family friends (especially if they have young kids of your child’s age). Consider baking some treats together and assign each person their own tasks. Or, create some crafts that involve a number of steps to provide each person with their own responsibilities.

Preparing Children for School Success with Early Childhood Education

Along with preparing your child for the skills they need in school from home, there is another helpful option. Enrolling your child in early schooling opportunities like early childhood learning programs.

Developing Good Personal Hygiene Practices in Children

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