Are You Wondering If Early Learning Matters for Your Child?

Ivy Prep Team on September 12, 2018

We get it. There are a lot of money-making schemes out there. People are constantly coming up with business ideas and ways to make you think things matter, even if they don’t. But early education isn’t one of those schemes or crazy business ideas. Without a doubt, early learning matters. And making sure that your child has the opportunity to learn and grow at a young age is definitely important. Providing safe childcare is a very big task and one that should be taken seriously. But, your little ones need more than just a person to watch them while you work. Your kids also need learning opportunities. They should be given the chance to develop and flourish in an environment that nourishes their growing bodies and minds. Early learning matters and we’re going to tell you a few reasons why!

What Exactly is Early Learning?

When we say the phrase “early learning,” we’re referring to the cognitive development and academic growth of young children. In more simple terms, early learning is basically learning that is done at a very young age. Even infants are learning things. In fact, kids learn more quickly in the first 5 years of their lives than they’ll ever learn when they get older! So, that means that early learning matters for sure. Before children can even speak, they are absorbing information. As infants grow into toddlers, they’re still taking in information and observing things and people around them. They’re learning about their surroundings. And their experiences with other humans are also teaching them valuable information.

A childcare provider that promotes early education is considered an early learning academy or, perhaps, an early learning facility. Either way, learning centers like this allow even the youngest of children to develop cognitively, emotionally, and socially in a good learning environment. This means that children who are enrolled in an early learning center can use the things they’re naturally learning and build on those advancements in a healthy way.

Here’s Why Early Learning Matters!

When children are given the opportunity to learn and grow from infancy, they can develop and excel as they get older. They can flourish socially. Also, they can develop healthy approaches to problem-solving and independent learning. Kids who are given the chance to grow in a healthy learning environment can learn more about the world around them. Attending an early learning facility can also help kids to develop a love and excitement for learning at a young age. Of course, that’s a huge plus! Since kids are able to retain so much knowledge and gain so much understanding during the first 5 years of their lives, it’s the ideal time for them to have the chance to learn! Early learning opportunities are definitely important at this age.

At Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy, we know that early learning matters! We understand the importance of giving kids the chance to learn, grow, and develop in a helpful atmosphere. So, we work to provide that environment for them. Our mission is to encourage and inspire learning in each of the children who come to us. Ivy Prep’s facilities are equipped with knowledgeable staff members and teachers. Our learning centers provide safe, fun, and inspiring environments where kids can develop in their own way! We want to offer your children the opportunity to get the most out of these precious and important years of their lives. Through our curriculums, we do just that! Would you like to know more about what we have to offer your family? Are you interested in our learning programs? If so, please contact us today!


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