Early Child Learning and Milestones In Your Child’s Life

Ivy Prep Team on January 22, 2018

From the moment we are born, we experience milestones. We begin to smile and laugh. Then we learn to crawl, walk, and then run. We lose a baby tooth and gain a new one. Eventually, we make friends and have long-lasting relationships with some of them. Just as you have encountered these moments, your child has done or will do the same. Early child learning involves all of these special events and develops your child physically, emotionally, and cognitively as he or she grows.

Infants: Emotional, Social, and Physical Milestones

When children are as young as 2 months old, they begin to show signs of emotional, social, and physical development. They show joy and excitement and they exhibit interest in certain sounds and communicate through coos and cries. They begin to hold up their heads without assistance. As they develop a more acute understanding of their senses, it is important that they have all of the necessary tools and activities.

Toddlers: Emotional, Social, and Physical Milestones

Early Child Learning and Milestones In Your Child's LifeAs children grow older, they develop the ability to learn from others communicate more effectively through speech. They become more independent and learn to do small tasks on their own. Children in this age group also reach new cognitive milestones as they learn to follow instructions, identify different shapes and colors, and name the days of the week. Your 3 or 4-year-old may also start learning the art of critical thinking. During these years, children should be able to engage in early child learning activities which contain multiple goals. These goals will encourage the forming of new skills in your kids.

Milestones in Older Kids

If you have children that are between the ages of 5 and 12, you know that many changes occur in their lives throughout this period. Not only are they rapidly growing physically, but they are also developing more emotionally, socially, and cognitively. You are able to better communicate with them as they are learning to express their feelings with more descriptive words.
Children in this age group are now involved in academics and are more socially active because of the school setting. This setting is great for teaching your kids more about the academic world. However, because they are in a more formal learning atmosphere, they aren’t able to express themselves as freely as they might wish to. It is important that they have the opportunity to better their new skills and enjoy their learning experience through after-school programs and activities. In such programs, they will encounter both social interaction and learning.

Early Child Learning at Ivy Prep

Your children will continue to see changes in themselves as they grow. Some changes will be subtle and others will be more recognizable. Regardless of the visibility of the developments, each one should be nurtured and celebrated.

Here at Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy, we love to help your children through the many milestones that occur in their lives. It is our mission to encourage growth and learning through fun activities and education techniques. As infants get a better feel for their 5 senses, we apply our Baby Academics curriculum to help facilitate those newfound skills. As your toddler begins to distinguish the different shapes, colors, and sizes, we give them learning activities to assist them in exercising their abilities. Your 5 to 12 year old will be able to exhibit their recent academic achievements when they take part in our after school program activities. They’ll receive homework help and then enjoy the crafts, games, and outdoor playing we have to offer them! They will experience effective educational methods as well as positive social interactions.

Allow Ivy Prep to make sure your kids are receiving the best possible early child learning attention! We give children in New York a great learning experience and would like to meet you and your little ones! Set up a visit to one of our 5 locations so you can see what we do firsthand!


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