8 Tips for Developing Leadership Skills in Your Kids

Ivy Prep Team on December 12, 2018

As a parent, you’re probably always looking at the differences in your kids’ personalities. Your little guy may be fairly quiet. Maybe he really enjoys playing in the corner with his toys or quietly watching his favorite movie. He grins and smiles but doesn’t like to talk very much. When he does speak, he does so in a quiet and calm manner. But he’d rather not converse too much with others. Your little girl, on the other hand, may enjoy laughing joyfully and speaking with everyone around her. She thrives off of social interactions and loves to use her exciting imagination as she plays. Her peers and playmates all seem to follow her lead when they’re playing together. Your little one seems to have a “take charge” kind of characteristic. It looks to you like she’s quite the leader! Now, you’re wondering how to help her in developing leadership skills.

Did you know that, though many kids seem to be “natural-born leaders”, every child can develop some good leadership skills? Even your shy child who prefers not to take charge can use a few lessons in leadership. The time will likely come when he has to help a friend or group of peers with a situation. It’s important for everyone to work on developing leadership skills. Being a leader doesn’t necessarily mean taking charge in every situation. Sometimes, having leadership skills allows people to make important decisions for themselves. These skills also help people to feel more confident and develop higher self-esteem. Leaders can be sociable, outgoing, and enjoy interpersonal relationships. And some leaders are calm, quiet, and enjoy spending time with very few people. No matter your child’s, he or she has the potential to be an amazing leader! And you can help them as they’re developing leadership skills!

Learning About the Importance of Leadership

Unfortunately, being a leader is sometimes confused with being bossy. Some kids may have a hard time honing their developing leadership skills. They may be unsure of how to best use that part of themselves and may come across as extremely opinionated or even bossy. But, it’s important for the parents and teachers of these little ones to work on ways to help develop and nurture those tendencies into healthy and helpful leadership skills! It’s also important for the guardians of shy or quieter children to help mold and develop good leadership skills in those little guys, too! Again, being a leader isn’t exactly the same as being “the boss”. Instead, being a leader is being someone who can solve problems and conflicts that may arise. Good leaders make good friends! Now, let’s talk about a few ways you can help in developing leadership skills in your growing little ones.

Developing Leadership Skills in Your Kids

Here’s how parents/guardians and teachers can help kids to develop good leadership skills:

  • Be an example of a good leader as you lead your family, business, and so forth.
  • Encourage your little ones to set and accomplish small goals. These tasks can be simple things like completing a chore before dinnertime, making a new friend at school, or finishing homework on time.
  • Help your kids to learn good communication skills. If they can effectively communicate and interact with others, they can definitely work on becoming good leaders!
  • Be a good listener and encourage your kids to be the same way.
  • Motivate your kids to be thinkers. Encourage them to figure out ways to approach problems and have open minds about things they’re dealing with.
  • Inspire them to persevere. Let them know that success isn’t about winning all the time. Sometimes, it’s just about trying and working towards a goal.
  • Encourage your kids to acknowledge their mistakes. But also help them to learn from those mistakes and make good choices.
  • Surround your kids with supportive and encouraging individuals.

Here at Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy, we’ve got what it takes to assist parents in developing amazing little leaders! Just contact us to learn about our services: 866-216-6750.


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