Developing Critical Thinking Skills in Young Children

Ivy Prep Team on December 23, 2018

As your children grow older, you may begin to notice that the way they think is also changing. Many different cognitive developments occur as kids grow and age. Naturally, the way your kids speak will change as they develop more vocabulary. The way they think will also change in part due to the growth in the area of language. But, their thought processes will also be different because of the changes they are experiencing in other areas of their lives. These emotional changes that are happening inside of them can also cause differences in their cognitive patterns. After all, the way you feel often influences how you think. Such is the case in your kids’ lives. And right now is the best time for your little ones to begin developing critical thinking skills. These kinds of skills are beneficial for your kids and can influence them to be true “thinkers” as they grow up!

What is Critical Thinking?

We’ve all heard about how important it is to think critically. But, what exactly does that mean? Maybe you’ve wondered about that. And you may be wondering even more now that we’ve mentioned how helpful it will be to start developing critical thinking skills in your kids. So, let’s talk a little bit about what these skills are and why they are beneficial. Firstly, critical thinking is the act of thinking evaluating information or situations and figuring out the best way to respond. To think critically means to be intentional about the way you reason and work through something. In order to think critically, you have to step outside of yourself, thinking about the way you should approach a topic or situation. You have to think about the way you think; this is known as “metacognition”. This helps you to think more clearly about the best way to resolve issues.

Now, let’s talk about why developing critical thinking skills is so important. It’s helpful to have skills like this for several reasons. For one, it’s important to be able to think critically when it comes to relationships with others. As you interact with other people, you will see that they think and act differently than you do. Having critical thinking skills allows you to better understand and communicate with people. It increases the ability to have successful and meaningful interactions with others. This, of course, is important both in childhood and adulthood! Also, as we’ve mentioned, developing critical thinking skills can help us when it comes to problem-solving. Finally, the ability to think critically can also help us to develop a less self-centered form of thinking. It allows us to think more about the thoughts and feelings of others, the results and consequences of our choices, and so forth.

Developing Critical Thinking Skills in Your Kids

So, how can you, as a parent, help your kids when it comes to developing critical thinking skills? There are several things you can do! One way in which you can help your little ones is to encourage them to ask questions. Perhaps, you can read with them. When you ask them questions about the story, you can ensure their comprehension. But, you are also showing them the importance of asking important questions. This will inspire them to do the same! You can also encourage your kids to seek clarity when they are confused about something. This skill can help them in many areas. It can help them with anything from understanding why they need to clean their rooms to resolving a misunderstanding with a friend. Finally, talk through decisions with your kids. If they want to do something you’ve asked them not to do, ask them why they think it’s important to follow directions. Is it for their safety? Is it because something unpleasant can happen if things don’t go a certain way? Encourage your kids to think about the possible outcomes of their choices.

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