The Developing Baby Motor Skills of Your Infant

Ivy Prep Team on June 7, 2018

As your infant grows, there are a lot of changes taking place inside his or her little body. Babies develop in so many ways. You probably see more signs of this growth every day. Your little one cries, coos, smiles, laughs, and does so much more! Kids begin to grow and learn from the very beginning of their lives. One of the ways in which your child is developing is in the area of baby motor skills.

Identifying Baby Motor Skills

You may be wondering, “What are baby motor skills?” Well, not to worry! We’ve got an answer to that question as well as information about how these skills are developing in your growing infant. Let’s first talk about what baby motor skills are and what they look like. Then, we’ll dig a little deeper into the subject.

So, first of all, we should mention that “motor skills” is more of an umbrella term that refers to our muscle use. But, the terms “gross motor skills” and “fine motor skills” are used to describe how we use our muscles. In other words, baby motor skills are infants’ ability to use their body parts. But, the skills are further defined as they learn how to better coordinate and perfect their muscle use.

Okay, let’s recap just a little. We all grow in the way that we use our body parts. We progress in how we use our muscles. The developing baby motor skills of your infant can be both gross and fine skills. Let’s take a closer look at what gross and fine motor skills are. Through this knowledge, we can get a better grasp on what baby motor skills are and how they develop in our children.

The Motor Skills Kids Develop

Gross motor skills are basically the big movements. Babies learn to move and use their arms and legs. The crawl and roll. They eventually start walking and running. They’ll learn to jump and skip. These gross motor skills also allow kids to learn to climb, throw, and catch. The skills also allow your child to sit and stand. As your child develops his or her gross motor skills, you’ll see a lot of movement and action going on!

Fine motor skills are the smaller, more intricate abilities. It usually refers to the kind of activities that are done with the fingers, wrists, toes, and so forth. This includes writing and drawing as the kids use their muscles for less movement-packed actions. Now, as the parent of an infant, you probably won’t see your baby writing or drawing. But, fine motor skills are seen in babies’ ability to grasp and hold objects. As babies get a little older they usually start to bring objects towards (and into!) their mouths. This is another sign of fine motor skill development. Also, actions such as blinking and turning the head are motor skills.

Helping Your Baby to Develop Motor Skills at an Early Learning Academy

Here at Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy, we understand that each child grows and develops at a unique pace. So, we work with each one to make sure they are learning and growing properly. We are dedicated to helping our kids to seeing kids progress in a healthy way. One of the things we like to pay close attention to is the development of motor skills in your child. It’s our goal to make sure that the children in our care are taken care of, physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially! If you’re looking for a safe, educational, and fun environment for your kids to develop, contact Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy today!


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