Helping Your Children to Develop More Self Help Skills

Ivy Prep Team on September 10, 2018

As children grow older, they find that they have to ability to do more for themselves. They might begin to enjoy a little more independence. Your kids might even insist that they do some things without any help at all. This might happen even with tasks that are definitely a little too much for the kids to handle on their own! Perhaps moving a heavier object or tying shoelaces may be tasks your little one wants to do all by him- or herself, despite not quite knowing how to do these things! It can bring a smile to your face as you watch them try to learn something new. The truth is, kids should definitely start showing a desire to do things on their own. It’s a perfectly normal (and healthy!) part of child growth and development. So, it’s a great idea to start learning how to assist your child in developing self help skills.

What are Self Help Skills?

Being independent is a big part of growing up. Children like to learn how to do more for themselves as they grow. It might start with your baby learning to hold her bottle of milk. Your little guy might start trying to feed himself, clumsily picking up his spoon and bringing the food to his mouth. You might notice your toddlers wanting to pick out their own clothes. Your children might start to bathe themselves or brush their own teeth. Eventually, you’ll notice your kids doing more and more on their own. This means that they’re developing self help skills! These skills are going to stick with them for years to come and they will keep a lot of the knowledge they’re gaining for the rest of their lives! Self help skills, also known as self care skills, are the things your kids learn to do without assistance. They’re those everyday actions and tasks that we have to learn how to accomplish.

Here’s Why Self Help Skills are Important

It may be pretty easy to understand why it’s important for children to develop self help skills. As we mentioned, many of the skills and abilities kids develop stay with them even throughout Helping Your Children to Develop More Self Help Skillsadulthood. After all, most adults, whether or not they remember, learned how to tie their shoes, feed and dress themselves, and brush their teeth when they were very young. Learning how to do various things on their own helps kids to prepare for the next steps in life. For instance, learning how to put on their own coats or open a door can allow your kids to be more able to get ready for school in the mornings. The skills that kids develop will help them to be more independent while they are away from you. So, you can certainly see how important it is to gain more self help skills.

How You Can Help

Are you wondering how you, as a parent, can help your kids develop self help skills? If so, we have a few ideas for you. For one, you can start by praising your little ones for their attempts at doing things on their own. When your child feeds himself or dresses herself, celebrate that accomplishment! Even if there’s more food on the face than in the mouth, be proud of your child’s ambition! You can also make sure your little ones have opportunities to do things without help. Be available to help when your kids need it. But, be sure that they have the chance to carry out simple tasks as much as possible. Be patient as they learn and encourage them to keep trying when the job seems a little too hard!

Also, you can enroll your kids in an amazing learning program! Here at Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy, we help to make sure your kids are developing in various areas. This includes the area of self help skills! If you’re interested in our programs, just contact us today!


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