Why Creating A Daily Routine for Kids is Important

Ivy Prep Team on May 30, 2018

Your little ones are growing fast! It’s crazy how quickly they start crawling, climbing, walking, and talking. Time just seems to fly by as you watch your kids grow into such fascinating people. Did you know that right now, at this stage in your kids’ lives, it’s important to start introducing a little structure. A daily routine for kids doesn’t need to be anything major. But, adding some normalcy to your kids’ lives can help them (and you!) in more ways than one. Not sure exactly what that means or how to make it happen? No worries! Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of a daily routine for kids. Then, we’ll also find out how to implement this important part into your family life.

A Daily Routine For Kids? Yeah Right!

It sounds crazy, right? How can you get your kids to follow a set schedule? Is it even possible to do that? There is a little difficulty when it comes to creating a daily routine for kids. It’s not always easy to get them to follow a real plan. But, it’s good to have a little format when it comes to the kiddos. Let’s talk about 3 reasons why it’s so helpful to have a routine in your kids’ lives.

It helps set up the internal clock. Basically, a daily routine for kids helps those little bodies to develop a schedule. They’ll get used to waking up in time to get to their child care facility. Your kids will also get used to getting ready for bed at night. They’ll be refreshed when they wake up and more ready to sleep when you tuck them in. Having a set schedule can help get all of these things accomplished.

It creates a sense of regularity. It’s always a good thing to add normalcy to the house. Your kids will feel more secure when they have something they can count on. A daily routine for kids is more than a schedule. It’s a form of security. Kids thrive when there is consistency in their lives.

Routine helps the whole family. Having a daily format going on in your house can help everyone, not just the kids. For example, part of the family’s routine might be dinner together at the end of the night. This is a great opportunity for bonding. Many families struggle with being really busy. Parents may be at work or in school. The kiddos might be at their own learning centers. Often, dinner time is the first time of the day that everyone is together. So, this routine can actually help the whole family. Also, a daily schedule can help you to keep track of your kids’ activities and needs. In other words, a daily routine for kids is great for helping parents to stay organized, too!

Space for Deviation

When people hear the word “routine”, they usually think there isn’t any space for spontaneity. But, this isn’t true! Even if you’ve established a daily schedule in your home, your family can still find some fun in deviating from the routine. It’s ok to pick up and go to the park at the time when the kids usually play inside. It’s fine to visit Grandma instead of having a playdate with the neighbor’s kiddos. But, a daily routine for kids just helps create a little normality in your home and family.

One part of your kids’ daily routine might involve going to school or an early learning center. Here at the locations of Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy, we understand the importance of a routine. We also know that this stage in your kids’ lives is the perfect time to start learning! So, we offer an amazing, fun, and safe learning environment for your little ones. If you would like to find out more about our facilities, just give us a call or message us from our website today!


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