Connecting With Kids: Parent Involvement in Children’s Education

Ivy Prep Team on March 2, 2018

If you have children, it can be challenging to keep up with your schedule. Life is full of things that keep us busy and on-the-go. Despite your best efforts, it is difficult to keep track of what’s going on in your kids’ lives. Being a parent can be challenging but it is also very rewarding. Getting more involved with your kids’ education is always a great way to stay engaged with your growing children. Connecting with kids can be hard but it can definitely be done. Once it is, you will experience more of the joy that comes with parenting.

What’s In It For You?

When parents get more involved in their children’s education, it benefits everyone: the parents, the children, and the teachers. Knowing what is happening in the classroom is a great way for parents to begin connecting with kids on a deeper level than in-home interactions. Both the children and the parents will feel the impact because it will give them yet another way to communicate.

When parents become more involved in their kids’ learning environment, they are conveying a message to their children. Parents are telling their kids, “Everything that happens in your life is important to me.” In other words, whether your child is learning their ABC’s or writing their first essay, these moms and dads are letting their kids know that their parents are interested in their learning process. As a more involved parent, you can become more aware of things your kids’ school does to maintain a learning environment conducive to your child’s needs. It allows you to figure out what you like and (don’t like) about the school. This way, you can make the best decision about your kids’ education.

Benefits of Getting Involved with Education

Children who feel free to share their learning experiences and stories from school with their parents will most likely feel more motivated to go to class. They will want to have more to talk about when they see their parents after school! Kids may also get their homework done more often when their parents are more actively engaged in their learning processes. As they grow older, younger learners and even infants will gain a stronger bond with parents who choose to be deeply involved in every aspect of life, including education.

Believe it or not, the teachers at your children’s school will also benefit from your efforts. Educators can better teach kids when they have a little more insight into the home life of their students. Teachers may also be able to connect better with their students if they also build a relationship with the parents. When kids see adults communicating effectively, they seek to do the same. Showing your kids that you are trying to connect with the teacher will help your child to also try to connect with their teacher.

How To Get Involved

Maybe you don’t quite know where to start. If your kids are old enough to speak, one great way to start is simply to talk to your kids. Ask your child about his or her day at school. Find out what they learned and if they liked their snack. Ask if they found a favorite book or if their teacher did something funny. Did your child have a hard time with an assignment? Learning about the simple classroom likes and dislikes of your kids can help you gain an “out of the classroom” avenue for educationally connecting with kids.

Next, communicate with the teachers. See how they feel about parent classroom volunteers. Ask for information about parent-teacher conferences or activities they need help with. They will probably be more than happy to know that you are interested in working with your children as well as in the other kids in the classroom. Additionally, another great idea is to accompany the teachers and kids on field trips if you can.

Connecting With Kids at Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy

Here at Ivy Prep, we have trained educators who understand how children grow and develop. Many parents have trusted us with their little ones. But we seek to invest in entire families. Since communication with parents is of great importance to us, we have a mobile solution that allows you to receive important and fun information about your children and what they’re doing in class. If you want your children to attend a learning facility where your involvement is welcome, contact us today!


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