Preparing Your Child to Feel Comfortable at School

Ivy Prep Team on August 20, 2019

Starting school, whether it be at daycare, an early learning facility, or a preschool can be nerve-wracking for any child. Feelings of fear, doubt, and apprehension may affect your child as he or she prepares for the first day of school. Certainly, children always feel more at home in a school setting once the first few days are over. However, there are still some things parents can do to make their child more prepared for their first day at school. This way, they feel more confident and comfortable when the time comes to walk through those classroom doors.

Choosing to Enroll Your Child in School Earlier

When you wait to enroll your child into a school setting until it’s mandatory, it can be an even harder adjustment. Basically, the earlier your child gets introduced to a school setting, the easier the adjustment will be. This is because younger children may be less likely to develop negative feelings about school. And, because older kids may not have already learned how to be social with others their own age yet. So, they can become fearful of being in a setting that involves many different children their own age. But, enrolling your child in early learning can help to remove these fears. And, introduce your child to this type of environment early. This way, they can become accustomed to a learning environment. And, develop social skills to better communicate and interact with peers.

Preparing for the First Day at School

Preparing Your Child to Feel Comfortable at SchoolNo matter if you’re planning on taking your child to his or her first day of early learning or kindergarten, there are some things you can do to prepare for this day. Of course, before attending, as a parent, you’ll want to check out the school for yourself. Get a feel for what the average day looks like. And, talk to your child’s potential first teacher to get an idea of some of the things your child will do throughout the day. Once you know what your child can expect, you can begin to talk to him or her about what their school environment and experience will be like. And, make it seem like a fun and inviting place with lots of cool activities. For example, tell your child about the coloring books you saw, or all the swings on the swing set.

But, remember to tell them of other things they may do that won’t be as fun, like nap time. This way, your child has some clear expectations of how their days will go. And be better prepared to expect them when he or she gets there.

Another thing you can do before the first day of class is to view the learning facility with your child. But, try to make sure you do it while classes are still in session. This way, your child can get a feel for what really goes on. And, how other children respond to this type of atmosphere. This way, he or she can see that learning is a good thing and begin to form expectations from this positive experience.

On the First Day of School

After you’ve prepared your child to the best of your ability, it’s time for the first day of school. While you can surely walk your child into the facility, it’s important to try to leave quietly. This way, your child understands that who you’ve passed them off to, their teacher, is in charge. And, that you, as a parent, aren’t a part of the schooling process. This way, they can begin to understand how it all works right away.

When it’s time to pick your child up from their first day of school, ask them lots of questions about how their day was. And, what they did during the day. This helps the child to understand that you are excited about their schooling experience. And, that you’re interested in what they do on a daily basis. Certainly, if they know that you support them through this transition, it’s a more positive experience all around.

Looking for an Early Learning Facility for the First Day at School

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