How to Mix Children and Nutrition Together

Ivy Prep Team on April 5, 2018

We all know about growing up and not wanting to eat veggies! The only green thing kids wanted to eat was gelatin or candy. When it comes to children and nutrition, it can be as hard as mixing water and oil. But, it might help if you know some benefits of giving your kids nutritional food. Or, maybe you already know why kids should eat healthy foods but you’re not sure how to make it happen in your home. We’ve got some tips that might put a trick or two up your sleeve!

Why is it Important?

Yes, it’s true. Life is usually very busy. Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent or a working parent, things are going from the moment you wake up until late at night. It’s true for most families. There are basketball games, soccer tournaments, piano recitals, and everything else. It makes it really hard to avoid the frozen dinner aisle or the drive-thru window. But, even with packed schedules, the importance of nutrition shouldn’t be overlooked.

A healthy diet is vital for the whole family. The parents and children should all be eating well. When kids eat well, they can have a stable level of energy. Nutritious diets can also help your kids to maintain a good weight and size. When we take care of our bodies, our bodies can take care of us. Basically, if you give your body what it needs, it will be able to fight sickness better.

Another benefit of healthy diets for your kids is the improvement of cognitive development. When kids eat foods that are clean and healthy, it can help stimulate their brains. This allows them to have a better learning experience as their cognitive and motor skills develop.

As a parent, you have to try to mix children and nutrition together to create healthy and happy kids. But a lot of kids do everything in their power to avoid eating their peas. So, how do you make sure they eat the right foods? We’re glad you asked! We’ve got a few ideas for you to use when you’re trying to get children and nutrition in the same room.

Some Helpful Tips For You

Make healthy eating fun! Honestly, eating nutritious foods isn’t all about carrots and broccoli. Sometimes, it’s as simple as sliced apples and peanut butter. Maybe it’s a bowl of yummy oatmeal or a little Greek yogurt! You can give kids the nutrients they need without even making them think twice about it.

There’s no better way to get children and nutrition together than to lead by example. If you eat well, you can show your kids just how important it is to you. Also, try to keep only healthy choices available at home. Most of the time, people eat unhealthy foods because they’re quick and easy to get. But, if you have tasty and nutritious options available for your kids, they’ll eat them!

Cook! Get your children involved in the kitchen. Instead of buying frozen fries or stopping by the fast food restroom, grab a bag of potatoes and make your own! You can get the kids to help you season them and just have fun. Make tossed salads together. There are lots of other fun ways to include your children in this lifestyle!

Children and Nutrition at Ivy Prep

Here at Ivy Prep Early Learning Center, we value your kids’ health. They’re cognitive, social, and physical development are all important to us. We’re not just here to help educate your little ones. But, we want to help you as you raise healthy, energetic, happy children! If you’re interested in our child education services, you can let us know about your children and nutrition needs they may have. We are here to help in any way possible and we work with you to make sure your kids are well. Please contact us today with any questions!


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