What to Look for in an Early Childhood Education Program

Ivy Prep Team on April 9, 2019

Every parent wants what is best for their children. So, when it comes time to start looking for an educational facility, parents may try to find a solution that meets all of their children’s needs. But, what are those needs exactly? And, what should parents look for when shopping for an early childhood education facility?

Determining what Early Childhood Education Actually Is

Basically, early childhood education is a commonly used term for the general education of children ages 1-5. Or, during the “preschool years” of a child’s life. Essentially, the aim of early childhood education is to stimulate cognitive, social, and emotional growth in children of this age group. Childhood education programs can be designed in classes for specific ages, or include a mix of ages, depending on where you’re located. Additionally, childhood education programs can also be held in a number of different settings including at at-home, private, federal public, and state public programs. Due to the different aspects of each program and facility, it’s important that parents understand what their children may need when it comes to age groups and settings before making a choice about early childhood education.

Differences Between Early Childhood Education and Daycare

Contrary to popular belief, childhood education programs differ from providing care for children like at a daycare facility. Rather than just simply offering care, childhood education facilities offer a curriculum which encourages a number of aspects of learning. And, stimulate child development in an environment which is both nurturing and compassionate. This is performed by instilling proven learning curriculums and qualified childcare specialists.

What to Look for in an Early Childhood Education ProgramThe Benefits of Choosing Early Childhood Education for Your Child

Many parents may wonder if there is really a benefit to providing an educational environment for children of such a young age. However, many studies prove that offering an educational setting for children under the age of five provides many invaluable benefits. One such study performed by The Perry School Project concluded that individuals who were provided access to early childhood educational facilities were:

  • Less likely to experience teenage pregnancy
  • More likely to graduate from both high school and college
  • Less likely to commit crime as an adult
  • More likely to earn more money from successful jobs than peers who hadn’t had access to early childhood education
  • More likely to own their own homes and vehicles as adults

Obviously, investing in early childhood education has a high return on investment when children reach adulthood. So, parents who want to invest in their child’s future from can do so at an early age by considering early childhood education programs.

What to Look for in an Early Childhood Education Program

To ensure you’re choosing the best early childhood education facility for your child, there are a number of things you can look for including:

  • A facility that incorporates curriculum for different ages of children.
  • A program that considers the health, nutritional, and family needs of every child.
  • A facility that offers small class sizes and low teacher to student ratios.
  • Teachers who are thoroughly evaluated and qualified to offer childcare.
  • A curriculum which includes student evaluations to determine whether or not children are on track with peer development.
  • A facility that encourages parent involvement.

Early Childhood Educational Option in NYC

Developing Good Personal Hygiene Practices in Children

If you’re looking for an early childhood education facility that is well qualified, reviewed, and offers all the aspects of a reputable educational facility, consider our NYC locations of Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy. Schedule a tour of one or all of these facilities today to consider a better future for your own children right from our website.


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