Child Growth and Development Stages: The Importance of Age-Geared Learning

Ivy Prep Team on January 15, 2018

If you have children, you know they grow quickly and constantly develop new characteristics. Whether your child is a newborn, a toddler, or twelve years of age, you have probably seen them discover different qualities about themselves and explore more attributes of the world around them. This continual development is something that never really ends. It is the reason various child growth and development stages along with age-geared learning environments are so important.

Infant Learning: 6 Weeks – 18 Weeks

It is true that one is never too old to learn. However, it is also true that no one is too young to learn! Your 6-week-old little one is beginning to develop an understanding of the senses, learning what is comfortable, and not so comfortable. The classroom is a great place to encourage that development.

Toddler Learning: 18 Weeks – 3 Years

Child Growth and Development Stages: Age-Geared LearningAs infants become toddlers, they become even more and more curious. At this age, kids experience tremendous cognitive, physical, and emotional development. It is important to assist them in embracing those qualities as they grow. Activities which promote creativity are helpful ways to engage toddlers and nurture their newfound interests!
Children in this age group should also begin to understand how to label the emotions they feel, ask questions, and better interact with others. There is no better place to develop socially than a learning environment specifically designed for your inquisitive toddler.

Preschool-Aged Learning: 3 Years – 4 Years

At this age, kids should begin to form lengthier bonds with others, making friends with their peers. They will also be able to ask more complex questions and become more creative in speech and even music. Advancements in vocabulary, expressions of emotion, body part identification, and much more are all expected at this age. Drawing, counting, and an eagerness to learn are all things that should be seen in 3 or 4-year-old children.

Pre-Kindergartener Learning: 4 Years – 5 Years

When children become a part of this age group, it’s necessary to start preparing them for elementary school procedures and practices. Kids this age are already aware of and inquisitive about their surroundings. They are already getting used to sharing toys, tools, and conversations with others. Their creativity and genuine joy for learning have only increased as they have grown. So, it’s not hard to get them ready for the next stage!

School Aged and Older: 5 Years – 12 Years

When your child is in that “in-between” stage, not a toddler/preschooler but not quite a teen, everything can seem even newer to them than when they were first learning about the world around them. During this period, it’s especially helpful to have a learning space that caters specifically to their age group and learning needs.

Child Growth and Development Stages

Here at Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy, aged-geared learning is our goal! We use a curriculum which is meant to foster the growth and development of the children attending our academy. Making sure that all of your child’s learning needs are met is what we are all about. Our instructors strive to create a setting which cultivates an interest in learning and motivates your child to continue being the unique individuals they are. Not only do we have curriculum for your little ones, but we also offer an after-school program at our Bayside location designed just for your school-aged child. For each age group, we have teaching methods and learning activities which we believe will help to develop kids in positive ways. If you are interested in providing your child with an atmosphere like this, please contact us today! You can reach us at (866) 216-6750 to schedule a visit to one of our locations.


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