Helping Your Growing Child Develop Decision-Making Skills

Ivy Prep Team on July 27, 2018

Parenting requires a lot of dedication, patience, and love. As the guardian of a growing child, you have probably encountered a lot of situations when you had to make a choice. You’ve had to choose what shoes to buy for your child. You have made choices about your child’s nutritional needs. You’ve even had to choose the best school for your growing child. All of these decisions may have seemed so big at the time. But, did you know that you developed the ability to make choices when you were very small? As children, we started to learn about decision making. And, now that you’re a parent, you can help your own little ones to gain skills in this area!

The Importance of Decision-Making Skills

When you love your children, you constantly work to make sure they have all that they need. But, part of raising kids is allowing them to make some choices on their own. These decisions don’t have to be life-altering, though. You can provide your kids with opportunities to make small choices. This will help your growing child or children to develop decision-making skills that they’ll use for the rest of their lives. Since they’ll be needing those skills in the future, you can start helping them develop in this area right now. Your children may be young, but they are currently learning so much about their world and themselves. So, this is the best time to begin helping them become independent learners and thinkers.

Your growing child is beginning to gain more understanding about lots of things. Your son is learning more about communication and peer interaction. Your little girl is becoming more interested in the arts. With all of these new interests and developments, it’s important that you work to guide your little ones. With helpful curriculum at school and leadership from parents, your growing child can become aware of the abilities he or she has within.

How to Help Your Growing Child

Helping Your Growing Child Develop Decision-Making SkillsThere are many ways you can help your growing child to develop skills in making choices. One of the things you can do is create opportunities for your kids. As we mentioned a little earlier, your kids can make smaller decisions right now. You can ask, “Do you want goldfish or crackers for your snack?” Or, allow them to choose between three shirt choices as they get ready for school. Ask which song they would prefer to hear while you’re all in the car. Situations like this come up several times a day, so you’ll be able to help your kids make choices more often than you may think you can.

As your kids begin to make more choices for themselves, talk to them about their decisions. Ask questions about why they chose what they selected. It’s important to evaluate our choices. It helps us to know more about ourselves, our preferences, and our thought processes. And this is definitely helpful to your growing child! Finally, do your best to inspire your children to make healthy choices. Guide them as they begin to develop in this area.

Ivy Prep and Your Growing Child

At Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy, we are dedicated to making sure your children are progressing in various areas. Yes, we even make sure your kids are developing decision-making skills. Through peer interaction and age-geared curriculum, we work to help your little ones to learn and develop in a healthy, fun way! We provide an environment that encourages all areas of growth and caters to various learning styles. Are you interested in our programs? Give us a call today!


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