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Halloween Safety Tips for Parents of Young Children

Halloween is certainly an exciting time of the year, especially for little ones. But, as a parent, Halloween may bring about some anxieties and fears. Fortunately, there are some Halloween safety tips parents can take advantage of to be sure that their children are safe this time of year. This…

Parent Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Family

A healthy lifestyle can be taught at an early age. Children who are taught how to eat healthy and maintain a physical lifestyle are more likely to continue with this lifestyle into adulthood. Thus, may be less susceptible to illness and various health problems growing up. But, children who have…

The Importance of Teaching Children to Respect Animals

Surely, every parent wants their child to practice empathy in every situation. Not only should children be empathetic to others, but to animals as well. Research shows that animals experience emotion. And, children who are gentle and respectful to animals are more likely to be respectful and empathetic to humans….

Tips for Going Back to Work After Having a Baby

Congratulations! You’ve just welcomed a new bundle of joy into your family. But, unfortunately, the days of your maternity or paternity leave are not endless. And, you’ll have to get back to work sooner or later. While this transition back to work after having a baby isn’t always easy, there…

Some Tips for Parental Involvement in School for Young Children

When parents get involved in their child’s educational life, their children have a better chance at success and happiness. In fact, according to research by the National Education Association, “when schools, parents, families, and communities work together to support learning, students tend to earn higher grades, attend school more regularly,…

How to Get Your Child to be Better at Following Directions

Do you often have trouble with getting your child to do as you say? It’s not uncommon for children to do what they want to do. Or, to not want to do what they’re told. However, it’s not something every parent may be proud to showcase in public. So, for…

Help Your Kids Express Feelings to Encourage Emotional Development

Kids experience human emotion just as adults do. They can feel anger, sadness, embarrassment, happiness, and more. But, they aren’t always able to put their emotions into words, as they’re still developing speech. So, they may try to express their emotions using various behaviors. And, while using behaviors to express…

Tips for Parents: How to Put a Baby to Sleep

One of the most challenging parts of becoming a new parent is sleep. Not only do parents have to worry about not getting enough sleep with a new baby, but they have to worry that their child is too. For many parents, getting an infant to get and stay asleep…

Preventing Behavioral Issues When Going Out to Eat with Young Children

Many parents of young children may feel that going to a restaurant to have a sit-down meal is a gamble. You never know what’s going to happen when you have young kids. Are they going to get tired and throw a tantrum? Are they going to make the entire experience…

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