Understanding and Meeting the Basic Needs of a Child

Ivy Prep Team on October 5, 2018

Every child is different. Each little one is unique and special in his or her own way. If you’re a parent of multiple kiddos, you’ve probably noticed just how true this is. There are so many little characteristics that combine to make us all different from the next person. And it’s what makes our world so diverse and full of life. However, no matter how different your oldest child is from your youngest, they both have many of the same needs. In fact, the basic needs of a child are pretty much the same in most kids’ lives. Since you’re one of the main caregivers of your little ones, it’s important to both know what the basic needs of a child are and how you can make sure those needs are met. Alright; let’s get to it!

What Are the Basic Needs of a Child?

Understanding and Meeting the Basic Needs of a ChildAlthough children may have varying needs, they all have a lot of common needs. As a guardian or parent, you should know more about the basic needs of a child. With a better understanding of these things, you can make sure the kids in your care are getting everything they need in order to have a healthy and happy childhood! Take a look at these basic needs:

  • Food
  • Water
  • Shelter
  • Education
  • Consistency
  • Structure
  • Guidance

Meeting the needs of your little ones can certainly contribute to their child growth and development in many different ways.

The Importance of Meeting These Needs

Again, each child has these basic needs. But what makes these specific needs so important? Why are these basic needs of a child so critical? Well, each one of us has physical needs, including food, water, and a place to live. Without these things, children can’t properly grow and mature physically. So, it’s absolutely necessary to make sure children eat nutritious and healthy meals on a regular basis and get enough water to drink. This can help to ensure that your little ones are getting the right amount of nutrients in order to grow and develop on a physical level. Of course, shelter is a definite necessity, as well.

Structure and guidance are also big parts of your child’s development. When they are able to have consistency and structure in their lives, they get the chance to develop a routine. Having a healthy routine is really important for kids (and adults, too!). Routines can include specific times for bed and waking up, meals, school, play, homework, and so forth. Of course, these shouldn’t be rigid, inflexible rules and regulations. But, when your children are on a routine, it can help them in various ways. For one, it can help your little ones to gain a sense of independence. They will be more used to waking up or going to bed on time. So, they may be more apt to get themselves dressed in the morning or excited to help you prepare a snack at meal time!

Guidance is also one of the basic needs of a child. Kids don’t need bossy parents or demanding teachers. They need adults who give them loving guidance. Children need their parents and guardians’ help to learn more about the world around them, how to interact with others, and accomplish their goals.

Ivy Prep Can Help!

We also mentioned education as one of the basic needs of a child. It’s important to realize that education and school aren’t just about learning how to count or spell. Those skills are certainly some of the most important lessons we can learn in a school setting. But, the learning environment also gives children a place to communicate with others and develop socially. They also gain more growth mentally, cognitively, and emotionally! Here at Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy, we help you make sure your kids’ basic needs are met. Give us a call for more information!


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