Let’s Look At Some Main Areas of Child Development

Ivy Prep Team on May 24, 2018

Children develop at different rates and through different experiences. Some kids may start walking before other kids their age. One child might begin talking before another little one. But, for most kids, there are certain areas of child development that add to their growth. These parts of growth are what contribute to the overall advancement of your kids. So, let’s find out some information about these areas of child development.

What is Development?

So, you probably hear about “child growth and development” or something like that very often. But, it’s not always clear what is meant by that. Is it talking about the physical growth of your child? Is it emotional or cognitive development? Well, in truth, the answer is “all of the above”. There are lots of different areas of child development. Those categories of growth definitely refer to the physical growth of your children. But, in a lot of cases, people are really talking about a different kind of growth.

Kids grow and develop in several ways. In other words, the areas of child development vary. Yes, they grow physically. There’s also cognitive growth. There is emotional development. Social growth is another one of the areas of child development. Now that you have heard a few more of the terms that relate to your child, let’s find out what they actually mean.

Defining the Areas of Child Development

So, what exactly is meant by these areas of child development? What do they mean for your kids? Well, let’s talk a little more about them.

Cognitive development basically refers to how your child thinks. This kind of growth determines how your child solves problems. By “problems”, we don’t just mean math equations. Even infants solve problems and develop cognitively. For example, your baby may learn new ways to communicate with you. Your toddler may discover a way to get his left foot into the left shoe. Your little girl might figure out how to share her toy with her sibling. All of these skills are part of cognitive growth.

Speech development can be seen in babies and older kids alike. When a child grows in the area of speech and language, he or she is gaining knowledge about communication. Even before children speak, they can understand and follow simple instructions. They say their first words. Then, they eventually begin to speak in complete and coherent sentences. They’ll also even start to understand nonverbal language.

Social development is how kids learn to interact with other people. They are becoming more aware of how other people act and feel. As they develop socially, kids learn how to communicate with and live alongside other kids and adults. They grow in this area even before they start going to a learning facility. They develop in this area at home with you and their siblings. Then, it continues to progress as they encounter people outside of their familiar environment.

Emotional development is more of an internal development. The child learns more about how he or she feels. This kind of growth is more about self-awareness. But, it also means that kids are learning how to express what they think and feel in an effective way.

Physical development is, of course, the growth you can really see. It’s the height and weight gain of your little ones. It’s kids’ ability to throw and catch a ball. As kids grow in this area, they learn to crawl, walk, and run. They become more able to coordinate and control their bodily movement.

The Developing Child and Ivy Prep

Here at Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy, we know all about the areas of child development. In fact, we work to make sure your kids are growing and learning in these areas. Since your child is unique, we know that he or she may develop at a different pace than another child. So, we simply seek opportunities for your kids to grow in their own ways! Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy provides fun, safe, and educational environments. If you think we would be a great fit for your little ones, contact us today!


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