5 Reasons to Consider Enrolling Your Child Into Early Education

Ivy Prep Team on July 29, 2019

Education is crucial for childhood development in a number of ways. But, when should parents start looking into education for their children? Recently, various studies have been emerging that talk about the importance of early childhood education. And, that the earlier a child begins with their educational experience, the more likely they’ll have further academic success. So, if you’re unsure about early education, this article is intended to make you aware of the many benefits of enrolling your child into an early education program as opposed to your typical daycare center.

1. Improved Language Skills

Children begin learning language almost immediately. But, they don’t begin to speak fluidly and in full sentences until they’re a few years old. Certainly, different children will be at different places in their language development at various points during early childhood. But, it’s a well-known fact that children enrolled in some type of learning environment early will develop language skills earlier than children who aren’t. So, especially if you see that your child is struggling to learn and use words the right way, enrolling him or her into an early education facility can certainly help.

2. Help with Proper Brain Development

The human brain develops the most in the first 5 years of life. Not only do children develop language and problem-solving skills in these early years, but they also gain further expansion of their social and emotional skills as well. So, it’s vital to take advantage of this brain development by instilling educational tools. This way, your child can use these tools as a way to further their own brain development. And, prepare for their future as an academic.

3. Improve a Child’s Change at Academic Success

5 Reasons to Consider Enrolling Your Child Into Early EducationThe earlier a child is introduced to an academic setting, the earlier they’ll be prepared to advance into the next phase of education. In fact, studies conducted by the National Association of Early Childhood Teacher Educators have proven that children enrolled in early childhood education programs have a better chance of academic success in the future. So, if you want your child to do well in school and have a better chance of success as an adult, you’ll consider early education.

4. Help with Social Skill Development

An early education program not only gives your child a chance to develop mentally, physically, and emotionally but socially as well. They’ll be given time to run and play with peers, and this can greatly help with social skill development. Furthermore, with constant interaction with educators, your child can be corrected in their engagement with others that don’t necessarily go as expected. And, continue to establish healthy and effective ways of communicating with others. Some social skills that your child can work on during child education programs also include sharing, expressing empathy, and working together to solve problems.

5. Less Chance of Needing Special Programs

When your child has a chance of developing educational skills at an earlier age, they will be more likely to be able to stay on top of everyday academic tasks. Thus, making it less likely that they’ll need to be in special programs to keep children up to speed. Furthermore, studies also show that children who have been in preschool programs are less likely to end up dropping out of school later. And, less likely to develop criminalized behaviors in the future.

Investing in Your Child’s Future with Early Education

If you’re serious about giving your children their best chance at a great future, you’ll consider enrolling them into early education programs. If you’re in the New York City area, check out Ivy Prep Early Education’s locations throughout the city.

Developing Good Personal Hygiene Practices in Children

Here, we offer a number of age-specific programs intended to help young children develop academic success at an early age. And, be prepared for their futures in the academic realm so they’re prepared for great grades and a bright future.


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