5 Vital Lessons Early Childhood Programs Teach

Ivy Prep Team on August 15, 2019

It’s not mandatory for kids to attend a learning program or daycare facility before they get to be the kindergarten age. However, it’s universally agreed upon by early education professionals that the children who do attend early learning facilities are at a higher advantage than other children. This is due to the fact that early learning can increase a child’s chance of future academic success. During the time spent in an early childhood education program, kids can learn a number of valuable lessons to take with them into their academic years. In this article, we go over five of these vital lessons children can learn during this time. This way, parents can begin to understand the importance of investing in early learning.

1. Increasing Your Child’s Independence Away From You

Many parents dread the thought of dropping their child off on their first day of kindergarten. Most parents can expect screams of anxiety, temper tantrums, and even crying fits as their child leaves the comfort of their arms to begin their academic journey. But, it doesn’t have to be this way. Early childhood learning, before kindergarten years, can help to encourage independence in children early. And, give them the confidence they need to flourish in a schooling environment, away from mommy and daddy.

2. The Importance of School

Having your child start early with educational concepts can actually instill an early love for learning. Obviously, this is a great lesson to learn as your child will have to engage with learning for the next 15+ years of their lives. Basically, going to an early childhood learning facility will not only provide your child with daily care but with an environment that incorporates structured learning initiatives earlier than a child who would only go to daycare.

3. Learning to Share

5 Vital Lessons Early Childhood Programs Teach | Ivy PrepChildren who don’t know how to share by the time they get to be of schooling age may find it difficult to socialize with others their own age. And, may be at risk for developing behavioral problems. Going to an early learning facility at a younger age can help to instill the lesson of sharing to young children. This way, they develop the skills needed to not only do well in school but do well with their peers and maintaining healthy relationships later on in life.

4. Developing Important Social Skills

Another important lesson that early childhood education can bring about for young children is how to socialize with peers his or her own age. It’s not uncommon that young children, who have only known their family and close family friends for the first initial part of their lives, to be shy around peers. However, introducing them into a peer-driven atmosphere at a younger age can help to reduce these fears. And, make them more comfortable in these types of environments.

5. Learning More About Discipline

Certainly, as a parent, you discipline your children when they are misbehaving. But, they may not be comfortable with other authority figures disciplining them at all yet. However, they should be ready to receive discipline and respect elders in charge of them before entering into an academic environment. Enrolling children in early learning facilities can help children to better understand who their disciplinary figures are. This way, they may be more willing to accept constructive criticism and use it in a way that modifies behavior for the better.

Choosing an Early Childhood Education Environment for Your Child

Think that early childhood education and these valuable lessons it comes with may be a benefit to your small child? If you’re looking for an early education facility in New York City, consider Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy and its many locations throughout the city.

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